The Summer Set – …In Color

mime6.jpgArizona quartet The Summer Set is one of the newer additions to the pop-rock onslaught that is currently happening in the underground. Their debut, self-titled EP is simple, sugar-coated pop-rock with a few dancing moments thrown in – making for an adequately catchy, but not quite memorable splash into the scene.

The five songs on this disc have the fun, bouncy arrangements of a promising group, yet somehow just don’t have the staying power that the pop-rock genre requires. “Cross Your Fingers” is a formidable opener that has a strong vocals and a few electronic flourishes. “She’s Got The Rhythm” moves between dance worthy choruses and driving verses, while closer “Lights” leans on the guitars and vocals to do most of the work and is a fun ending to the festivities.

Problem is, you’ll have a hard time remembering what you just heard. Most of the disc tends to run together and fails to provide something truly memorable in any of the five songs on …In Color. I mean, it’s great that it at least has a few fun moments and will keep you interested for the most part, but it just lacks that quality that other bands in the genre have.

They certainly have some potential though, and it will be interesting to see where they end up on the band’s full-length debut. Might be worth skipping out on for the time being.[by: Jason Gardner]

Rating: 2.5/5
Release Date: September 30, 2008
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