The Luchagors – “S/T”

LuchagorsThe Luchagors have certainly garnered most of their attention from the fact that they are fronted by Amy Dumas, better known as former WWE Women’s Champion Lita. In many respects, Dumas is both the band’s blessing and curse.

The Luchagors self-titled debut is definitely the best of the wrestling bunch, what with Chris Jericho’s ode to generic classic rock, Fozzy, John Cena’s predictable venture as a white rapper, and other less notable efforts. While the WWE runs around a Playboy model Aiden fan as punk, Dumas and The Luchagors claim and display the influences of the good stuff—7 Seconds, Misfits, Jawbreaker, Descendents, Etc.

Problem is — as most wrestling fans likely know — Lita was one of the most impressive wrestlers, male or female, to watch in the ring but her mic skills were, put nicely, nothing to write home about. Her voice actually works really well for a punk band, but as an old WWE fan, it is hard to get around hearing those terrible promos as she sings, especially when she issues a spoken-word manifesto in “All There Is.” Many punk fans coming to this with a clean slate won’t see the problem, but for the many wrestling fans likely attracted to this band by Dumas, it will be hard to get around.

That said, the lyrics and music are both fairly derivative and do little to break the mold, but the songs are catchy punk with heavy beats and guitar riffs, and The Luchagors generate a number of fist-pump inspiring tracks in the first half. By the end of the album, the band’s songwriting tapers off a bit, but overall maintains the feeling of a decent, but dated, punk sound. For fans of the aforementioned influences, The Luchagors are worth a spin, as they play mostly like an homage to a particular era of punk. [By: William Jones]

Rating: 3/5
Release Date: Sept. 11, 2007


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