Shot Baker – “Take Control”

ShotBakerFor music fans looking to get their asses kicked by a half-hour assault of hardcore punk with great melodies, Shot Baker’s latest, Take Control, is the way to go.

There isn’t really a whole lot else to say. Shot Baker has been rocking the Chicago scene with its aggressive punk sound for a few years now and have become the flagship band for Riot Fest (Records). Hints of Chicago’s modern hardcore greats like Rise Against and old-school punks like Naked Raygun are all evident in the band’s sound. Shot Baker’s music has always been quite derivative and doesn’t present anything entirely fresh, but that’s sort of what makes the band cool. It is obvious that its members are playing the stuff they love. And while what they love may not be a genre-bending experience, it is still some damn solid music for moshing and yelling along with a beer in hand.

The band is always high energy, even on record, and Take Control is no exception. In fact, it is as good or better as anything they’ve done to date, and the production is solid. With many of Chicago’s well-known acts taking their music in different directions, it is cool to see Shot Baker continuing a traditional of straightforward Chicago punk. They boast catchy choruses, great harmonies and a ton of aggression. Yeah…good stuff. [By: William Jones]

Rating: 4/5
Release Date: June 24, 2008

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