Just Surrender – “We’re In Like Sin”

justsurrender.jpgThe words “guilty pleasure” get thrown around a lot with bands like Just Surrender. It’s pretty easy to see why, too. “We’re In Like Sin”, much like their previous album, “If These Streets Could Talk”, is a shameless dive headfirst into the exact pop-punk style that many of us move past after too long spent listening to the merits of Explosions In The Sky. Granted, Just Surrender isn’t the most grown-up band. They also aren’t the most innovative, using the line-over-line vocal style that Taking Back Sunday popularized. But you know what? Despite all of that, given the right mood, Just Surrender can be exactly what you need.

“Body Language And Bad Habits” jumps right into Just Surrender’s signature style, starting the album off with one of its strongest tracks. The track features some jerky guitar and an undeniably catchy chorus. “I Said It Before” pushes a bit of angst into the verses, with vocals that seem to be coming through gritted teeth, before bursting right back to a bouncy chorus. “Payback” stalls the sugar rush for a little while in the form of a softened, melodic track similar to what you’d hear on a Daphne Loves Derby album.

The main downfall on “We’re In Like Sin” is that, since it is a style that’s been done so many times before, it’s just not going to appeal to everyone. It also isn’t the kind of album that you can turn to in any circumstance – as a result of its simple, poppy roots, Just Surrender seems to be primarily a sunny day band.

“We’re In Like Sin” has all of the workings of a guilty pleasure, minus one key ingredient; I don’t feel guilty at all admitting to like this. Maybe saying that has cued the disappointed shaking heads of indie snobs everywhere, but who cares? Just Surrender might not be doing anything incredibly exciting, but they’re a fun, catchy band, and in a scene filled with concept albums and scarf-wearing hipsters, fun and catchy can be incredibly refreshing. [By: Cassie Gressell]

Rating: 3/5
Release Date: August 21, 2007

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