Outer Space – "Blood Brothers"

Blood BrothersThe face of hip hop over the past twenty years has changed over a path of which the pioneers of the genre would have never anticipated. From creating community through lyrics of hardship and struggle, to violence and lyrical content of embitterment, glitz, and glamour; modern hip hop has traveled to a place almost incomparable of its original counterpart. To make it in the modern rap game, an artist has to stand out against every other emcee just getting in the game. Out of Philadelphia, the Puerto Rican rap trio, Outer Space is attempting to hit the underground hip hop scene hard with their new album Blood Brothers.

Choosing their name because they wanted their music to be, “Out of this atmosphere,” the trio formed, taking the pseudonyms Planet, Jedeye, and Crypt; hoping to break barriers of the typical hip hop rundown of the new millennium.
The album itself contains some catchy beats with good; but mostly cheesy hooks and lyrics, typically anticipated from a modern hip hop album. I can’t say that anything was done with Blood Brothers to maintain any claim of originality, but perhaps to put themselves on the map as not much else than an up and coming mainstream entity with too few gimmicks to hit it big.

When I started listening, I was drawn in by the catchy, reverberating instrumentals and energy coming from the passion of the vocal rhythm. The opening of the album leads to little more than disappointment; much of the disc contains hollering about “street cred” and superiority to other rappers.

I can say in total honesty that the production on this album was well done, completing its job of complimenting the vocals and setting a catchy tone the listener can nod their head to. The vocal melodies were impressive, often times other than what would be expected, and obviously well thought through. The lyrics didn’t render this act any different than typical “rap crap” found on public access channels covering local artists at three in the morning. Outer Space took a crash landing with Blood Brothers. [By: Drew Green]

Babygrande Records (www.babygrande.com)

Score: 2


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