Ladyfinger (ne) – “Dusk”

Ladyfinger (ne)

There a few states buffering Nebraska from Washington, but damned if it doesn’t sound like Omaha’s Ladyfinger (ne) is rubbing shoulders with Tacoma punk rock champions Seaweed. On the former’s second full-length album for Saddle Creek, I was reminded on more than a few tracks of the latter—which is by no means a bad thing—especially on opener “Over and Over,” with its stomping rhythm and Chris Machmuller’s plaintive vocals.

Given the label’s art-rock heavy roster, I expected more emphasis on the art than the rock, but I was pleasantly surprised. Dusk has a heavy edge that compliments its intelligence and restraint, like on “Read the Will,” or the skipping, indie-rock flavored “Plans.” There are some really nice touches on this disc, like a little piano outro on one song, tasteful uses of guitar effects and Pat Oakes’ solid yet subtle drum work. [By: Kevin Nelson]

Rating: 4/5

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