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Forget Who We Are
Cap’n Jazz’s Summer Reunion, Anthology Vinyl Reissue, and the Making of a Musical Movement
With a flurry of reunion shows scheduled for this summer, Cap N Jazz are reminding kids
why they got into this scene in the first place.

By Ryan J. Prado

In the mid-‘90s, it wasn’t exactly alien to find soppy fliers or tattered Xerox handbills regaling the wonderment of a three-band lineup of unknown touring groups, ready to parlay their road-weary craft for 20 kids in a Quonset hut. It’s not so alien now, despite the imminence of social media monopoly. But there was a time when seeing a band was an organic undertaking, requiring the tactful utilization of mailing lists, fanzine show postings, taking flier walks downtown, snagging said handbills from the record store counter, and the selflessness inherent in good old word of mouth. By the time you arrived at a show, you had earned every note, every yell, every sweaty shove. And you paid to get in, too. And you bought the bands’ merch so they could do the same thing all over to another kid in another town far, far away.
    But even before that, in the late ‘80s, with urban hardcore and punk scenes trying to figure out exactly what form their deviation from hair-metal rebels to late-century revolutionaries might take, it took a group of four northwest suburban Chicago high school kids to somehow mysticize this ritual. ... Read More

The Philadelphia Promoter Bill Ripple Affect:
From Town Hall to Punk Houses

By Emma Hernandez

 Let’s say you get advanced tickets to catch your favorite band at the First Unitarian Church on Chestnut Street in Philly and you’re totally stoked, but then some 10-odd days before show day it gets canceled because the promoter was denied a permit. Bummer, right? Well that hypothetical almost became a reality last week. Luckily, the original version of Bill No. 100267, otherwise known as the Philadelphia Promoter Bill, failed to pass. …. Read More

Photot Essays

'Sights and Sounds of Warped Tour 2010'

Audio Interview
by Jason Gardner

Warpd Tour

>>Photo Essay

album reviews

Scouts Honor- Buried


 So first of all, Scouts Honor kind of rubbed me the wrong way as soon as I picked up the album. I think in three different places, it noted how the band was DIY, which I absolutely respect. I think DIY bands deserve a lot of credit and it is really awesome to see, because shitty record labels who sign bands as a tax write off are ruining the music industry and taking away any chance hard working bands have of making it. Anyway, the reason it rubbed me the wrong way is because it is one thing to be DIY, but it is another thing to sweat exactly how DIY you are. …. Read More

Damn This Desert Air

(Damn) This Desert Air-Distance Waits.

(Damn) This Desert Air is a five-piece comprised of the ex-members from such bands as Nora (Trustkill), Instruction (Geffen), The Fire Still Burns (Blackout) and a few others. Needless to say, the band has a pretty good head on their shoulders when it comes to making music …. Read More

Hospital Garden- Self Titled shepard

With a name like Hospital Garden, I was expecting a deeply layered, soft, and dramatic record ideally placed for long car rides home in the winter. Don’t ask me why, it was just a feeling. This turned out to be quite the opposite.
…. Read More

The Menzingers – Chamberlain Waits shepard

 There’s something in the water out there in Scranton, PA. With bands like Tigers Jaw and Title Fight popping up over the past couple years, it’s no surprise that a band like The Menzingers can lead the way as the hometown heroes. Having graduated from Malvern living room shows to rounding out tour bills with both Against Me! and NOFX, the band has made a name for themselves above the rest, and breaking the mold for East Coast bands …. Read More

Shortstack- Please Leave My Mind


Celebrating a decade in the music business, the four-piece from Washington, gave their fans a gift with a whole new sound. Although the band previously had a mainly folky style, the newest album, Please Leave My Mind, has moved toward a garage indie movement... Read More

Young Livers - Of Misery and Toil shepard

 As an ongoing musical pessimist, I generally don’t like to admit things like this, but in the case of Gainesville, Florida’s Yong Livers, I will say this: This album rules.. . Read More

Orlando’s Go Rydell Hits the Road with Late Nite Wars and Nightlights

Go Rydell By Dean Essner

Fans of old and new hardcore will rejoice this summer when Boston hardcore legends Bane hit the road with Baltimore’s own Trapped Under Ice . Joining them on this trek will be Cruel Hand and Alpha & Omega
, with both support bands releasing new full-lengths in the upcoming weeks. Denver-based Bankrobber ( will also open select shows of this tour once it gets to Colorado and California. Bane has been making the rounds as of late, touring with Strike Anywhere and Touche Amore through Canada after releasing their rightfully dubbed ... Read More


Do What You Do: Long Island Area Artists Doing Their Thing shepard

By Ellen Thompson

Bryan Cantwell is a pretty easy-going guy. He’s also quite unassuming. Amid a mass of morning commuters swarming the streets of Downtown Brooklyn, Cantwell fades into the shuffle. Just another body among the others; all walking in unison, all mulling over yesterday’s problems and all fretting over what today will bring. Except … Cantwell is beyond the mulling and fretting. Instead, he’s just doing what he does and that’s keeping his eyes peeled for the small things that can inspire an artist like himself…. Read More


it's Times Like These, Where a Reunion Means Everything
Taking Back Sunday regroups with 2002 line up, a new album

By Jason Gardner
     Taking Back Sunday, with John Nolan and Shaun Cooper back in the band, discuss the path toward future prospects.

  The story of Long Island-based Taking Back Sunday is one of many twists and turns. But somehow one of those twists, and a random phone call, has led the band back to its beginnings: March 2002. Taking Back Sunday - with Adam Lazarra on vocals, John Nolan manning backup vocals and guitar, Eddie Reyes on guitar, Shaun Cooper on bass and Mark O’Connell on drums - had just released Tell All Your Friends... Read More

La Dispute: From Europe with Love and Little Time

By Jason Gardner
    Since releasing their second full-length Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair in 2008, Michigan-based La Dispute have criss-crossed the United States a few times over, leaving behind traces of their intense, yet heart-tugging brand of post-hardcore in each city. But, there are more cities to hit, beyond the coastal boundaries of course, two upcoming splits with Touche Amore and Koji to be released and writing for a new full-length to be completed. Notice, getting sidetracked isn’t part of the itinerary; it’s not even an option for La Dispute. . ... Read More

Constantly in Transit

By Emma Hernandez
  The last time we heard from the Boston, MA-based melodic post-hardcore band Transit , it was dead winter and the boys were touring in support of their latest release, 2009’s split with New Jersey’s Man Overboard . Transit guitarist/vocalist Tim Landers recently checked in from a rest stop in Granville County, Virginia en route to North Carolina on a tour with A Loss for Words who they’re also sharing a van with). He caught us up on everything Transit: the new album, titled Keep This to Yourself, tour pranks and the band’s recent run-in with what might have been professional dodgeball players – maybe. ... Read More

2 Casset Reviews The Rival Mob – Hardcore 4 Hardcore Promotional Mix Tape metal

By Matt Viel

 After releasing one of the best records of 2009 (Raw Life 12” EP - Lockin’ Out Records Boston Hardcore heroes The Rival Mob return with a 4-song mix tape to promote their upcoming 7” Hardcore For Hardcore on Six Feet Under Records. The tape starts out with some banter from front man Brendan Radigan then blasts into the title track off the HC for HC 7”. “When this fucking song kicks in it kicks in IMMEDIATELY.” The music hits you like a bag of bricks and the lyrics let the posers know the deal. “You’re very different. You act really weird. Or is that just what’s popular this year?” ...Read More

Metal Missionaries By Jaci Raia


  Oh, I know. You're reading this because you saw the title and your brain started to rattle and whir, trying to wrap itself around the paradox that is both 'Christian' and 'metal.' I do admit, as a metalhead, that when I saw the title I scoffed. More than a little. If you did too..Read More